Class 14 Diesel Day

Join the NVR in a celebration of  BR Swindon 0-6-0 Type 1 Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives (Class 14)
Saturday 20th May 
Adults £16.00                  
Senior £13.00 (over 60)
Children £8.00                
Family £40.00 

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Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Fifty six Type 1 (Class 14) diesel hydraulic locomotives were built in 1964/65 by British Railways at Swindon Works as part of the Western Region's diesel hydraulic modernisation programme. Numbered D9500 to D9555, the 50 ton locomotives were powered by a 650 horse power Paxman 6YJXL 'Ventura' engine coupled to a Voith/North British type L217U hydraulic transmission with a Hunslet '650' gearbox.

Join the NVR as we run the two resident Class 14 locomotives based on the railway D9520 and D9529 

Saturday 20th May 


  • Travel behind the Class 14's in Mk1 coaches
  • Double headed services
  • Enjoy refreshments from our Café at Wansford
  • Break your journey at Ferry Meadows and visit the country park
  • Visit the Turntable Cafe for meals, refreshments and ice creams.
  • Enjoy the Buffet Car on the train for snacks and refreshments.
  • Book shop and Garden railway open subject to availability
  • No booking required

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The class, designed to replace the numerous tank engines on the Western Region, was built for short freight 'trip' workings where periodic shunting around a station yard would be required between fast dashes along the main line. Even as the class was being built, such work was rapidly disappearing as the 'Beeching Axe' reshaped British Railways and shut down wayside stations, goods traffic and, indeed, some of the main lines themselves.

The fifty-six locos (it was initially envisaged that there would over 300) were the final class of the Western Region's hydraulic transmission dieselisation programme (the rest of British Railways concentrated on diesel electric traction to replace steam). With hindsight, it can now be seen that the entire class need never have been built and, in fact, all the locomotives had been withdrawn from BR service by the end of 1969.



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