Pump Trolley Experience

Looking for a unique experience? An ideal birthday or Christmas present?  Consider our Pump Trolley Experience Course.
Using the Great Eastern Railway Pump Trolley, restored by The International Railway Preservation Society in 2007, participants are able to experience the thrill of the wind in your hair as you work your way through the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside from Wansford to Ferry Meadows just as the men who built the line over 160 years ago would have.

Usually taking place on summer evenings when no trains are running, though other times can be arranged, the journey lasts for around two hours. In that time participants will receive instruction at Wansford and then travel on the pump trolley to Ferry Meadows and back under the supervision of one of our trained volunteers.

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The pump trolley is also available for filming work and corporate hire. We have constructed a 30m section of lightweight transportable track which can be taken to events if required. Please contact nvrorg@nvr.org.uk for this.

TripAdvisor Review

We recently went on a pump trolley ride experience at Nene Valley Railway as it was something my wife had always wanted to do. We had previously had problems finding somewhere with an operational system. The trolley has been restored and offers a 2-hour session up and down the track for up to 3 persons on a Sunday evening after the trains have ceased running. The instructor was very amenable and interesting, and we had an enjoyable, if somewhat energetic time. I cannot comment on the trains or station as this had closed for the day. However we did visit several years ago when our son was younger and it was very impressive, especially for Thomas fans. Would recommend this for a family day out.