Locomotive Rosters

The anticipated locomotives that are rostered for the forthcoming services.
Whilst every effort will made to ensure that the advised motive power is available, the Nene Valley Railway reserve the right to change this when operational circumstances require.

While we endeavour to run a steam service whenever possible, in certain exceptional circumstance we may have to substitute a diesel locomotive.

Please feel free to telephone us on 01780-784444 for up to date information on what's running.

Operational Locomotives

       75008 Swiftsure (Under repairs)                            Thomas                                   Swedish Railcar 1212                     34081 92 Squadron               



                               Class 31 No 31271                                    Class 14                                                   Class 46 Peak No D182                                               


11th Railcar
12th Railcar
18th Railcar
19th Railcar
25th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
26th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
29th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
2nd 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
3rd 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
6th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
9th 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
10th 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
13th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
16th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
17th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
20th 78018 Cl14 & Thomas
22nd 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
23rd 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
24th 34081 Cl14 & Thomas
30th 78018
31st 78018
1st 78018
7th 78018
14th Railcar
21st Railcar
28th Railcar


Old Station Building

To raise the funds to renovate the Grade 2 Listed station building, including fees, making secure and safe and returning to it's original condition.



General Funding

The NVR is always striving to improve its facilities and collections.