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With so much happening along the line, there's always a good reason to get the video camera out and capture the hustle and bustle on film. On this page, you'll find a range of fun and interesting videos we've put together over the years, from station approaches, welcoming high-profile engines, to special events, and the Travelling Post Office.

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Sometimes we have videos kindly donated to NVR. Below is a list and the copyright remains with the individuals. 

Credit to A H Media - Fives Winter Steam 2014

Credit to Northumbria Rail - Alco 77120 aka BSC 801 - Diesel Gala 2013

Credit to Northumbria Rail - Thomas Big Adventure

Credit to harlequin1948 - Ducklings Crossing The Track

Credit to Hanglands - Winter Steam Gala 2013

Credit to Hanglands - A Year on the Nene Valley line 

Credit to The Boondock Hippy's - Makin' Tracks

Credit to A.R.B Media Productions - Driver Experience Course

Credit to Hanglands - Olympic Torch Rehearsal

Credit to Hanglands - Diesel Gala 2012

Credit to Hanglands - Steam Gala 2012

Credit to paking07 - Tornado leaving Ferry Meadows



Most Popular

Goodbye 2014

What a year it has been at the Nene Valley Railway, here we have just a few images from 2014. Special thanks to BoonDock Hippy for allowing us to use there track for this video. more info on the band can be found along with the video they shot at Nene Valley Railway - http://www.theboondockhippy.co.uk,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0i7PXm6hO0

Nene Valley Railway's Santa Special 14:15 service

The 14:15 service returning from Peterborough with the last Santa Special train of the day (23rd December 2014). A class 14 hauls the train into platform two with 1501 at the back/front.

Class 33035 at Nene Valley Railway

Class 33035 coming into Wansford station to be coupled to the carriages ready for the next journey to Peterborough

Nene Valley Railway 9F 92212 on the Turntable

9F 92212 with the temporary number 92187 for a photo charter at Nene Valley Railway on the 11th September 2014

The Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman came into Nene Valley Railway during the early hours of 16th July and left us at 9.15am. Hauled by 2 Class 47's (47854&47804).

USA Locomotive S160 6046 at Nene Valley Railway

S160 6046 with an advanced Driver Experience course at NVR 13th June 2014.

Journey from Yarwell to Wansford

Short video of the Swedish railcars journey from Yarwell to Wansford

Journey from Wansford to Yarwell

A short video of the trip from Wansford to Yarwell on the Swedish Railcar 1212.

S160 No. 6046 Locomotive

S160 No. 6046 USA Locomotive on test at NVR today.

Freight Driver Experience

73050 City of Peterborough with the Freight Driver Experience on the 14th March 2014. Leaving Wansford Station on the second course of the day.

Swedish Railcar leaving Peterborough

Swedish Railcar 1212 leaving Peterborough on the 26th January 2014. Credit/Copyright A Stocking.

The River Nene at Wansford 7.1.14

A short clip of the River Nene taken from the signal box at Wansford today 7.1.14

Santa Special 11th December 2013

Our Santa Special hauled by the Black 5 45337 locomotive with a Class 14 at the rear. Returns to Wansford Station after the first run on the 11th December 2013.

Tornado's final turn on the Turntable at NVR

Tornado being turned on the Turntable at Nene Valley Railway before leaving and returning to Barrow Hill.

Tornado during the Driver Experience on the 7th November

Class A1 Tornado during her recent visit to Nene Valley Railway on the 7th November.

Class A1 Tornado 60163 at Nene Valley Railway

Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado on the turntable at Nene Valley Railway on a private photo charter day, 1st November 2013

Diesel Convey Leaving NVR

56301, 50026, 33108, 47401 & 45133 leaving Wansford after our Diesel Gala Weekend

Diesel Gala 2013

45133 leaving Wansford with the second train on the first day of our Diesel Gala

Diesel Convoy

55002, 50026, 56097, D6700 & 37706 Convoy coming in to Nene Valley Railway to drop off 50026 ahead of the October Diesel Gala.

80072 Run Around At Yarwell Junction, Nene Valley Railway

80072 runs around at Yarwell Junction, Nene Valley Railway

80072 at Nene Valley Railway

80072 during the Freight Driver Experience at Nene Valley Railway

Travelling Post Office

Travelling Post Office at Sutton Cross during the Children's TPO weekend

Travelling Post Office Drops off Mail Pouches at Sutton Cross

Travelling Post Office dropping off the mail pouches at Sutton Cross mailbag exchange apparatus during the Children's TPO weekend

Spitfire over NVR

Spitfire fly past over NVR for our Help for Heroes day

City of Peterborough returns to the rails

City of Peterborough returns to the rails and takes the Royal Mail coaches to Ferry Meadow

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