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The Nene Valley Railway is home to a little blue engine named ‘Thomas’ by the Rev. W. Awdry author of the famous books about Thomas and Friends.

The 0-6-0T engine No. 1800 was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1947 at about the time when Rev.W Awdry wrote his second book in which Thomas appeared. The little blue engine spent its entire working life at the British sugar Corporations' Peterborough factory pushing wagons of sugar beet up an incline until the day came when a diesel engine replaced the steam power of Thomas. The Peterborough Railway Society purchased this delightful little engine on 9th September 1973 and he was moved to the Nene Valley Railway, where he has since delighted his friends and delighting children of all ages.

Thomas Overhaul 2014

During January of 2014 Thomas will retire from pulling trains on the NVR and go to Hospital for his 10 year overhaul, during this time he will need attention to his Boiler, wheels and tanks, he will also  receive a new coat of paint. The overhaul for Thomas will take over 12 months to complete and will cost over £150.000. To help with paying for this very important overhaul we have now launched our Thomas overhaul appeal. Whilst Thomas is under overhaul, one of Thomas’s friends will be at the NVR to carry on pulling the important trains on behalf of Thomas.

The large sum of money required to overhaul Thomas will take a tremendous amount of effort on behalf of the Nene Valley Railway. If you would like to help the overhaul, donation forms can be found at all our stations, on our web site www.nvr.org.uk of can be taken over the telephone 01780 784444.

We hope to see Thomas back from his overhaul and pulling trains on the NVR as soon as possible. 


24th January 2014

Thomas is now in the Locomotive Hospital at Wansford where he will be worked on ready to return him to work as soon as possible.  

He has had his cab, the driving controls and his air pump removed.  It's making him feel a bit uncomfortable and silly, but he's being brave!  
Next his boiler will have to be removed and sent away to some experts who will make it like new again ready for when Thomas gets back to work.  At least he's got time now to have a bit of a rest and let his friends do all the work! 

29th January 2014

Today saw Thomas's boiler lifted from his main frame. This will be sent away to te experts to work their magic.

 April update

Thomas is now having his frames re painted, and hiw wheels attended to


More images of Thomas' Overhaul are on our Pinterest Board


If you would like to help with this by making a donation to the Thomas Overhaul Fund, this will be gratefully received, and we would like to say THANK YOU to you for your help.

Donations can be made via Paypal or downloading our donations form

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