Travelling Post Office

The NVR is one of the few locations in the UK where the operation of exchanging mail on the move can be performed and you can experience what it was like to be part of "Night Mail". The NVR has a small fleet of Travelling Post Office (TPO) coaches that are used to demonstrate the sorting of mail on the move and the exchange of mail bags, known as pouches, using equipment fixed to the line-side. The NVR currently has a set of line-side exchange equipment located at Sutton Cross, just outside of Wansford station. This was erected in 2000 with the help of the Locomotive Club of Great Britain. A second set of line-side equipment has just been installed at Yarwell thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery's "Awards for All" scheme.

The set of Royal Mail coaches, which operate on various dates at the NVR were built by British Railways between 1959 and 1969, although the railway does have some other TPOs that were built before these dates. One of these, M30272M, built in 1949 is currently undergoing an extensive rebuild.

Operating Dates

The Travelling Post Office set will be operating on the following dates:

2017 Dates to be advised